beesure_ we can integrate various insurance products into your business! Increase your Customers’ protection, loyalty and get additional income – offer most suitable insurance products to your Customers
beesure_ insurance distribution platform could be easily integrated into any business for distribution and administration of insurance products

For Affinity Partners

beesure_ we can integrate various insurance products into your business for selling to your final Customers

WEB system without integration for quick various insurance products pilots and distribution


Monthly insurance premiums collection tool by payment cards – automatic monthly subscription method

API integration for fully automatic insurance distribution and administration

Efficient insurance sale process (UX) plugged in Partner’s Front End saving development resources

Platform for Affinity Partners

beesure_ platform will let you onboard various insurance products very fast and easy

Our platform with the help of API interfaces with your system

Created insurance documents are sent and administrated from our system

Insurance premiums are collected and administrated by us

Benefits for Affinity Partners

Get most suitable insurance products

Save your own time and IT resources start selling insurance products

Extend your services with various insurance products

Upsell existing and new customers – get additional income

Insurance Products

We look for the insurance that best suits your business model, or even work to create it if necessary. And if you already have coverage, we take care of integrating it for you.

Loan Payment Protection

Bill Protection

Extended Warranty



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Affinity Partners

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Our team consists of former bankers, insurance and IT specialists whose common experience allowed to create insurance distribution platform for selling insurance products to your Customers

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Kamil Pękacz
Country Manager - Poland

+48 505 007 403

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Most innovative insurance solutions have to be built among other innovative solutions and companies.


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